Best CSS Website Templates

Modern HTML5 sites such as a variety of “stickies” and business cards as well as serious advertising and educational projects are a good source of inspiration.

Flexible with CSS.

Owning such a site in a portfolio increases your status in the eyes of a professional HR specialist. Nowadays, there is less and less chance of finding a new website that has neither an adaptive design nor a mobile version, especially for mobile devices. With CSS, you can easily create a design that adapts to devices of any screen width. Using special rules, you can determine the appearance of a web page based on the width of the browser window.
In general, a full version of the website looks weird on a regular smartphone. To display the text, the user must use enlargement and horizontal scrolling. On the other hand, a site in the form of a narrow column on a wide computer monitor looks even stranger.
Responsive Web Design is an approach to creating web pages that determine their appearance based on the width of the browser window through CSS. That way, you can provide a comfortable design for each device without having to create multiple different sites.

CSS tools for responsive design.

Responsive Web Design uses flexible grid systems, scalable images and special CSS media queries (some of which we have already used in practical tutorials).
A flexible grid is crucial, as there are a variety of devices in our world, each with its own screen size. Therefore, it is simply impossible to create a fixed layout size that blends in beautifully with a screen of any width. We need markups that expand and contract (along with content) and adapt to the screen of a particular device.
Media queries are a CSS technology that allows you to define the conditions for displaying specific styles. For example, you can specify one set of CSS rules for screens that are less than 768 pixels wide, a second for widths greater than 991 pixels, and so on.
You can also use media queries to specify the device type (screen, printer, speech synthesizer), aspect ratio, orientation (landscape or portrait), display resolution, and more. All this makes it possible, given the many nuances, to create specific styles.

CSS and VDR.

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